What we do

People become homeless for lots of reasons: the loss of a job, breakdown of a relationship, bereavement - to name just a few.

Two Step helps around 150 people experiencing homelessness to find suitable accommodation every year. We work in partnership with night shelters, day centres, councils and other charities that refer people to us.  The diagram shows how people access our service – the blue circles indicate where people can volunteer. Click/tap stories to read about some of the people we have helped. 

Homelessness is very isolating - the longer that someone sleeps rough or lives in poor conditions, the lower their self-esteem and the greater the chance of developing mental health problems. Helping someone who is homeless is often more complex than just finding them find somewhere to live. We find the model from Jon Kuhrt helpful when trying to support someone - for more information see this article from his blog.

Three types of poverty:

1. Resources – cannot afford accommodation, food and other essentials

2. Relationships – Cities can be very lonely places if you don’t have  friends and family who are able help you and encourage you

3. Identity – if you feel ignored or have had a difficult past it can affect your sense of self

The Two Step programme seeks to help provide the support to address all these forms of poverty so that we can house people and help them move forward in life. If you want to know more about how you could help people practically, go to

To find out about how to refer to Two Step click/tap Referring to Two Step

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Due to funding challenges, we are sadly not able to take self-referrals at present. If you want details of how to get help if you are currently homeless click/tap here: Get help